Wilfrid Laurier University: Admissions, Scholarships, and Tuition 2022

Wilfrid Laurier University: Admissions, Scholarships, and Tuition 2022

Wilfrid Laurier University: Admissions, Scholarships, and Tuition

If you have decided to study at Wilfrid Laurier University, then it’s only normal that you will be trying to gather as much information as possible about the university. Having ample information about the school you are applying to can lessen the stress that usually comes with the application process. So, keep reading to learn more about the admission requirements and process in general as well as the tuition and fees, and scholarships available at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Wilfrid Laurier University is a public research university in Ontario, Canada. In addition to its main campus, the school has campuses in Waterloo, Brantford, and Milton. Commonly referred to as WLU or simply Laurier, the university operates offices in Kitchener, Toronto, Yellowknife, and Chongqing, China.

Upon its establishment in 1911, it was known as the Evangelical Lutheran Theological Seminary of Eastern Canada. In 1914, following the development of non-theological courses, the Seminary was renamed the Waterloo College School. Consequent to its affiliation with the University of Western Ontario, the College began to offer honors degree programs in Arts. After the Lutheran Church relinquished sponsorship of the College in 1960, it was renamed the Waterloo Lutheran University.

On November 1, 1973, it assumed its current name, Wilfrid Laurier University in honor of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the seventh Prime Minister of Canada.

Wilfrid Laurier University’s prestige is evident in how highly it ranks in both global and national rankings. The school ranks:
#1247 in Best Global Universities
#31 in Best Global Universities in Canada
#1387 in Global Research Reputation
#267 in Regional Research Reputation
#1296 in Publications
#566 in Books, and many more.
Academic Programs and Popular Majors

Through its various campuses, Laurier offers over 100-degree programs. This is in addition to dozens of options and minors. Due to the variety of programs available at Laurier, students can add other useful minors to their majors to further enhance their degrees.

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Amongst the many programs at Laurier, the business and music programs are among the best in Canada. The university’s business school, the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics has one of the highest student satisfaction in Canada and runs one of the largest business degree co-ops in the country.

In addition to the aforementioned programs, other outstanding and high ranking programs at Laurier University include:
Computer Science
Environmental Science
Data Science
Mathematical Finance

Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements

Getting admitted into Wilfrid Laurier University is a tad easier than getting admitted into other Canadian universities. With an acceptance rate of 89%, Laurier is minimally selective. Consequently, most applicants can secure admission. For every 100 applicants, 89 get admitted while only 11 get rejection letters. Invariably, even students with below-average scores stand a chance of being admitted. However, applicants who meet or surpass the school’s admission requirements are top contenders.

Admission requirements at Laurier University vary from student to student depending on the specific program a student is applying for and of course, basic requirements. Therefore, to be admitted, an applicant must meet both requirements.

In the same vein, basic requirements vary as well depending on whether an applicant attended an Ontario high school, a Canadian high school outside Ontario, or a high school outside Canada.

Applicants in the first category must obtain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and score a minimum of 60% or higher in all the required courses listed in their program’s admission requirements.

Applicants in the second category should review Laurier University’s Canadian course equivalent chart to ascertain the approved course equivalent for the Ontario curriculum depending on their province.

Applicants in the third category should review Laurier University’s international curriculum admission requirements by region for more detailed and accurate information on the admission requirements of students from their region. Asides from the three categories mentioned above, other categories of applicants are: transfer students, indigenous applicants, mature learners, homeschooled applicants, senior citizens, applicants required to withdraw from another university, displaced persons, and refugee/ protected persons. Each category of applicants has its distinctive basic requirements.

Tuition and Fees

In other to get a quality university education, a substantial amount of money especially must be spent. But whatever will be spent is money well spent as it is an investment into your future.

Domestic students at Laurier University will pay between $6,744 and $9,625 as tuition alone. When the cost of fees and books are added, students may pay between $9,389 and $14,113. For other costs like residence, meal plan, groceries, and other personal expenses, students may pay as much as $22,471 or $34,768.
The total tuition and fees an international student will pay are largely determined by such a student’s campus. Tuition alone will cost around $29,253 and $35,123. When the cost of fees, textbooks, and supplies are added, academic tuition alone will cost around $32,309 and $39,915. The cost of residency varies from campus to campus depending on whether it is a dorm or apartment-style. Therefore, when residence, meal plan, groceries, and personal expenses are added, an international student will pay an estimated $45,391 or $60,570. International students have the option of spending their four-month summer break from May to August working in Canada full-time.


If the cost of tuition and fees is about to dissuade you from applying, hang in there for a minute as Laurier has something for you. As a way of lessening the financial burden on its students, students are allowed to pay their fees twice, the first half in August for the first term, and the other half in December for the second term. That’s not all. Laurier also offers tons of scholarships and bursaries and other financial aid packages.

Some of the scholarships available at the university include:
Entrance Scholarships: these scholarships require no application. Students are accessed automatically once they apply. Students who meet the requirements receive $4,000 annually for as long as they keep meeting renewal requirements.
Laurier Scholars Awards: this scholarship package is strictly for high-achieving students. Valued at a maximum of $40,000 over four years, only students who meet the requirements can apply.
Inspiring Lives Scholarships: this scholarship is reserved for international students who inspire lives of leadership and purpose in their communities.
Competitive Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries: this category of scholarships consist of some awards reserved only for international students and some open to domestic students as well. Interested students can apply by completing an online student profile which requires information like interests, involvement, financial need, academic achievement, and more. Awards are granted based on available information.
Upper-year Scholarships: this scholarship package is for students who achieved a grade point average of 10.0 (approximately 80%) and above in their courses from the previous academic year. This package is valued at between $500 and $1,500 annually.
In addition to scholarships, Laurier University also offers financial support in form of part-time employment, money management support, and personalized budget support.
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