Washington State University Admissions and Tuition 2022

Washington State University Admissions and Tuition 2022

Washington State University Admissions and Tuition 2022

Washington State University (WSU) is a public research institution. Its flagship and oldest campus are in Pullman, Washington. The institution was founded in 1890 as one of the oldest land-grant universities in the American West. As a land-grant university, it is funded by the federal government through the state government. A large percentage of the funds used in building, equipping, and running the institution is realized from the sale of federally controlled land as authorized by the Morrill Acts of 1862 and 1890 which was signed by President Abraham Lincoln.

WSU or Washington State as it is called for short is the second-largest institution for higher education in Washington coming behind the University of Washington with an undergraduate enrollment of 24,278 and a total enrollment of 28,581 students. The WSU’s undergraduates are spread across its other campuses in Spokane, Tri-Cities, Everett, and Vancouver.

Popular Majors At WSU

WSU offers over 140-degree programs which include 63 doctoral programs and 79 master’s degree programs. The school offers 95 majors, 86 minors, and 100 in-majors specializations. Like every other institution, there are majors that the WSU is popular for. They include:

  • Business
  • Management
  • Marketing and Related Support Services
  • Engineering
  • Social Sciences
  • Communication
  • Journalism and Related Programs
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Health Professions and Related Programs
  • Family and Consumer Sciences/ Human Sciences
  • Agricultural/Animal/Plant/ Veterinary Science and Related Fields
  • Education

WSU Rankings and Size

WSU is ranked highly all over the world. Some of the institution’s recent rankings are:

#179 in National Universities

#112 in Best Colleges for Veterans

#101 in Best Value Schools

#13 in Best Veterinary Schools and Programs 2021

#4 in Safest Colleges in America

#2 in The 50 Most Affordable Online Universities, to mention only a few.

WSU is situated in a rural environment with a campus size of 1,742 acres. The institution utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. The student-faculty ratio at WSU is 16:1. Consequently, 34.2% of classes at the school have fewer than 20 students.

WSU Admission Requirements And Acceptance Rate

The quickest way of knowing if you stand a chance of being admitted into a school is not by its admission requirements but rather by its acceptance rate as it is very possible to meet all the requirements and not get admitted if the school in question has a low acceptance rate.

If you are nursing the ambition of being educated at WSU, the chances that you will get admitted are very high as the school has an acceptance rate of 80%. That puts its selectivity status at “selective.”

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As an institution of higher learning operating in Washington, WSU complies with CADR Requirements. The CADR Requirements is a set of core requirements called the College Academic Distribution Requirements which all students have to meet to qualify for admission into colleges in Washington.

Asides from the CADR, there are requirements that high school graduates who are either applying for the semester directly after high school graduation or who have been out of school for a while must meet. If you fall in the aforementioned category, you will be required to make available a copy of either your transcript, or GED transcript, and your college credit. These documents are to be sent in by your high school on your behalf.

If you will be 25 years and above on your first day at WSU, you are considered a freshman for admission purposes. To this effect, you will be required to have your high school send in your transcript or GED, and a list of all the college courses you have completed.

If you are homeschooled, you will be needing transcripts from all high schools and colleges you have attended and either a homeschool transcript or an official transcript from the GED exam.

The above-mentioned specific requirements notwithstanding, all applicants are expected to meet certain general requirements. These requirements include a GPA of 3.60 on a 4.0 scale, and either a 1030 SAT score or an ACT score of 20. Although we recommend that you exceed the requirements, do not be dissuaded from applying if you find that you do not meet the requirements. Besides GPA and SAT/ACT scores, if you have good records to show that you are well prepared to succeed at WSU, then you still stand a good chance of getting admitted.

WSU Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees payable at WSU are direct, indirect, and mandatory fees. Tuition at WSU is based on 10-18 credits per semester. Asides from tuition which is $10,996 for resident students, and $26,312 for non-resident students, every other fee is the same. Thus, both resident and non-resident students pay $1,420 mandatory fees, $6,822 for housing, $4,300 for dining, $960 for books totaling $24,498 for resident students, and $39,814 for non-resident students.

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Keep in mind that the above costs are subject to change. Furthermore, housing and dining fees vary depending on the residence halls/apartment a student is paying for and the dining plan a student wishes to purchase.

WSU Financial Aid

WSU is reputed for awarding an estimated $207 million in scholarships annually to over 170,000 students through its Office of Student Financial Aid in Pullman. The financial aid packages of WSU are in form of loans, waivers/grants, work programs, and scholarships.

Every applicant who applies to be admitted into WSU is eligible for financial aid. So the moment you send in your application, commence to search and apply for financial aid.

While at this stage, do well to accept aids that you don’t have to pay back like grants and scholarships. Aids like this naturally come with restrictions. So, do well to peruse terms and conditions before you accept.

In the same vein, keep the loans you take out to fund your education at the barest minimum keeping in mind that every dollar you borrow now is a dollar you won’t have in the future.

WSU and International Students

Even if you are not a United States citizen, there is still a place for you at WSU as the institution accepts international students who are not permanent residents (Green Card Holders) and therefore require a visa to live and study in the United States.

Not only do you stand a chance to be admitted, but you are also eligible for all the financial aid packages available to resident students. So, even as an international student, WSU treats you the way they treat a student born in Washington.

We do hope you found this piece helpful and insightful.

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