UX Internships

UX Internships

UX Internships

Although some employers abuse the purpose of internships by using them as an avenue to exploit students and make them do all the work with little or no pay, the benefits internships afford students cannot be overemphasized.

As a UX intern, you get the opportunity to work with professionals and this enables you to gain valuable hands-on-the job experience and also avails you the opportunity to network with like-minds whilst establishing a presence in the UX industry.

The primary responsibility of UX interns is to work with the design teams on projects. In some companies, they work with a team and design visual motion, voice design patterns, interfaces, systems, and interaction. In other companies, alongside their teammates, they leverage problem-solving, empathy, and creativity to design beautiful and easy-to-use apps, websites, and products.

If you are in search of UX Internships you can apply for, this article is just what you need as we’d be discussing in detail some of the available UX Internships. Do stay with us.

Social Responsibility Intern

Social responsibility interns are currently in high demand. A quick Google search will prove the above assertion to be true. In addition to the primary responsibilities of interns which include answering inquiries either through phone or mails, directing calls, providing basic company information, maintaining documents, organizing files, and the like, social responsibility interns may be required to prepare agendas, and discuss details with directors or field instructors. Also, they’re in charge of gathering operational data from other departments of the organization. They also play a role when organizations implement new workable initiatives. If you’re looking to land your very first UX internship, being a social responsibility intern is certainly not a bad way to begin.

Social Impact Intern

Since the primary reason for taking up internship positions in the first place is to gain work experience, being a social impact intern is yet another good place to begin from. What most organizations require of social impact interns is to provide referrals, case management, and brief counseling to prospective clients of the organization. As a social impact intern, you have the opportunity to acquire skills in the process of discharging your duties, gain insight into the sector, and make an impact. When all these activities are added to your resume, it gives you an advantage in the competitive labor market.

People and Culture Intern

Interns who work in the people and culture department assist in auditing and maintaining personnel files, setting up and organizing team meetings, activities, and other external events when necessary, helping other departments such as Business Development and Marketing Department with research and any available task. As interns in one of the human resources departments, they also support the recruitment process by posting vacancies, screening applicants, schedule and conducting interviews.

Project Manager Intern

Project manager interns work under the direct supervision of an organization’s project manager. Their primary responsibility is to assist in the execution of projects from the award stage to completion. In the course of carrying out their duties, they’d take part in activities that aim to comply with the contractual agreements set out in clients’, consultants’, and subcontractors’ contracts. They also strive to see that projects are completed within the defined timeline and that the organization’s financial budget for the project is not exceeded.

Creative Interns

Creative Interns work with the creative team, account service, media, and public relations department of an organization to design projects majorly for print and online media. They also participate in brainstorming sessions, development of concepts, assistance with social media and creative research, image manipulation and layout, photo research, photo editing and so much more.

Researcher Intern

The major responsibility of a UX researcher is to ensure that users of a website have the best possible experience. They also research user behavior and preferences and using the information gathered, they create designs with colors and images that suit their users. Since an intern’s basic job is to help, a researcher intern will assist in carrying out the aforementioned duties. The basic skill a research intern must possess is strong attention to detail.

Design Intern

A design intern assists the major designer to design physical or digital products that the users find delightful to interact with, useful, and easy to use. In addition to this, they are responsible for ensuring that users have a wonderful experience whilst interacting with the services and products that the organization offers. Also, they plan and implement new designs whilst optimizing existing user interface designs. Because they are in constant communication with clients, they have better knowledge of the clients’ business goals and objectives and therefore assist them in achieving the same. They aim to provide an outstanding user experience.

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Writer Intern

A UX writer intern assists the organization’s UX writer(s) carry out his/her duties which include creating copies of buttons to pages and error messages. They also deliver product messages whilst making sure the message is in line with the goals of the products or services their organization offers, consistent, and easy to understand and use. As part of the design team, writers and writer interns assist with creating apps, websites, and products from start to finish. Since they’d be working with a team that constantly has to present their findings to the development team and other stakeholders effectively, a writer intern must possess good verbal communication and presentation skills and in addition to that, be effective in researching competitors and finding out user needs.

Software Engineer Intern

There isn’t much difference between a UX designer and a software engineer as they both perform almost similar functions. A software engineer designs and builds digital products like apps, and websites using UX principles. Since the software engineer is a hybrid between a developer and a designer, their functions are both UX principles and engineering tasks. The similarities notwithstanding, the major distinguishing feature of the software engineer is the ability to code. Software engineers use front-end programming languages like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript to create interactive features, layouts, and other design ideas on websites and apps. Due to their versatility, software engineers can collaborate with UX designers and UX writers to develop products. Interns who work with software engineers will assist them to execute the numerous tasks assigned to them.

While spending your holidays with family and loved ones or solo and having a great time is amazing, taking out time to work jobs that give you needed experiences is also a great idea.

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