University of Western Ontario: Admissions, Scholarships, and Tuition 2022

University of Western Ontario: Admissions, Scholarships, and Tuition 2022

University of Western Ontario: Admissions, Scholarships, and Tuition

Ever wondered why Canada is one of the top study destinations for international students? It’s because the country is home to tons of prestigious universities and colleges. These universities and colleges offer a wide variety of programs thereby availing students the opportunity of choosing from a wide range of programs.

In this article, we’d be discussing yet another Canadian university, the University of Western Ontario. If you already settled on studying at the aforementioned university, then this piece is just what you need right now as it will provide you with the basic information about the school Viz admission requirements, acceptance rate, tuition and fees, scholarships, and many more. Let’s get right into it.

University of Western Ontario

The University of Western Ontario was established in 1878 as the Western University of London Ontario by Bishop Isaac Hellmuth of the Anglican Diocese of Huron. Upon its inception, the university incorporated Huron College which had been founded in 1863. The school remained a denominational university until 1908 when it became non-denominational. In 1882, it became the Western University and College of London, Ontario. The name remained until 1923 when the university adopted its current name.

The University of Western Ontario which goes by a couple of aliases viz Western University, UWO, or simply Western has in its over one decade of existence produced prominent and distinguished fellows amongst which are Nobel Laureates, Rhode Scholars, government officials, academics, business leaders, and many more.


Western University is one of the leading research-intensive co-educational public universities in Canada. This is evident by its membership in the U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities, a group of research-intensive universities in Canada commonly referred to as U15.
Some of the school’s rankings include:
#294 in Best Global Universities
#10 in Best Global Universities in Canada
#203 in Arts and Humanities
#84 in Economics and Business
#88 in Energy and Fuels, and many more.

Popular Majors

The University of Western Ontario comprises twelve academic faculties and schools through which it offers over 400 different specializations, majors, and minors at the undergraduate level. A large number of programs available at the university

notwithstanding, the top-ranking majors are:

Social Sciences and Management
Life Sciences and Medicine
Engineering and Technology
Arts and Humanities
Natural Sciences, and lots more.

Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements

Western University is a slightly selective school. With a 90.6% entrance average of first-year students making it one of the highest in Canada, the school admitted 31% of applicants in the 2021-2022 academic session. Impliedly, for every 100 applicants, 31 were admitted while 69 received rejection letters. It is apparent judging from the foregoing that the admission process is stiff and competitive. Applicants with below-average scores will have a hard time making it to the list of admitted students. Therefore, to stand a chance of being admitted, an applicant must meet or preferably exceed the admission requirements.

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To be admitted into Western University, an applicant must have scored a minimum SAT combined Evidence-based Reading and Writing and Maths score of 1190. In place of this, an applicant with an ACT composite score of 24 will be considered for admission. A transfer student must have achieved a minimum overall average of 70% in all previous university studies at an accredited degree-granting institution.

Keep in mind that the above requirements may vary considerably depending on factors like the course of study, citizenship, and others. The basic requirements for international students, however, are official high-school and secondary school transcripts, letters of recommendation, samples of written work, resume, TOEFL and IELTS scores, and financial support/bank statement from sponsors, amongst others.

Tuition and Fees

It is a tad difficult to ascertain whether Western University is expensive or not. This is because when juxtaposed with some other universities, it comes off as cheap while a comparison with another set of universities sees the school coming off as expensive.

Arriving at a specific tuition or fees a student will pay at Western University is a herculean task. This is because several factors play a major role in determining the total amount a student will pay. For instance, some programs attract more tuition fees than others. However, tuition and fees for most programs at Western University cost between $31,042 and $38,611. Engineering courses cost $41,312 while Nursing courses attract tuition and fees of $39,836. The above estimates apply to both on-campus and off-campus students. Other costs to be taken care of include books and supplies, residence and meal plan, rent, utilities, internet, visa fees, study permit, home trip, and many more

It is pertinent for admitted students to pay their fees on time and through the right source. By so doing, they save themselves from stress.


To cushion the effect of the cost of tuition and fees on its students, the University of Western Ontario offers a wide range of financial aid packages in form of scholarships and awards to eligible students.

Some of the scholarships at Western University are the Western Scholarship of Excellence, Western Scholarship of Distinction, and Western Admission Scholarship which are reserved for outstanding students who apply to study at Western on a full-time basis directly from secondary school. If you get admitted to pursue an undergraduate degree at Western’s main campus on a first-year full-time basis, you do not need to apply as you were automatically considered for one of the aforementioned scholarships. In the same vein, there are scholarship packages for transfer students. While some scholarships cover only tuition, others cover living expenses and even travel grants.

International Students

Western University has always been an international student’s friendly school. This is evident in the fact that members of its alumni come from over 150 countries. The school’s current population of over 35,000 students also comprises students from over 112 countries of the world.

Also, the school further demonstrates its readiness to welcome students from across the globe by creating financial aid packages for international students as well thereby giving them a sense of belonging.
So, if you happen to be applying from outside Canada, you are certainly not alone on that one.
We do hope you found this piece helpful.
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