Remote Jobs In Maryland

Remote Jobs In Maryland

Remote Jobs In Maryland

Are you resident in Maryland or are you considering moving to Maryland? If you fall in any of the two categories, this article is just right for you. And just in case you hear or have heard about the Old Line State, the Free State, and the Chesapeake Bay State and you are wondering where on God’s green earth that is, we will have you know that those are some of the occasional nicknames Maryland goes by. So yeah, all those still refer to good, old Maryland.

Remote jobs which are also known and referred to as telecommuting, virtual jobs, or home-based jobs are fast becoming a thing. This is because it allows people the leisure of working from either their homes, a café, a coworking space, or any other place at all asides from the traditional office space.

Not minding that remote jobs allow you to work from anywhere other than an office technically, about 95% of remote jobs listings require a worker to be based in a certain location. This translates into only 5% of remote jobs truly being “work-from-anywhere” jobs.

The major reasons why remote workers are required to be based in a specific location like a state, a country, a region, or even a timezone is because of issues relating to tax, legal issues, availability for on-site training or meetings, professional licensing, travel requirements, and many other factors.

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Keep in mind that there are different kinds of remote jobs. Some remote jobs allow you to work from home for all of your working hours with no in-office time or traveling required. These are 100% remote jobs. Some other jobs are remote because of the pandemic and the moment the company decides it is right, it is back-to-the-office for employees. Other remote jobs require you to do a little traveling and also spend some time at the company’s office. And then there are the remote jobs where you have the option of either working from home, the office, or both. So before you take up a remote job, do well to be sure what kind it is and if it suits you.

Having said all of that, let’s delve straight into the remote jobs available for Maryland residents.

Patient Services Representative

Since all that is required of a patient service representative is to collect information from patients before their medical appointment and answer questions about billing, there’s no need for them to be present at the office of the medical facility they work. They are like customer service agents so all they need is a telephone or any other telecommunication device of their choosing.

Data Entry Operator

To work this job, all you need is a computer and a comfy chair and table. A data entry operator is responsible for entering data into different computer databases. They also must review data for any deficiency or error and correct any incompatibility. Since the company they work for is depending on them to keep accurate and valuable company information, they’d have to manage and maintain effective record keeping,  files, and collect information for future use.

Client Service Representative

CSRs provide customer service and assistance. They use the phone and the internet to resolve clients’ concerns, respond to queries, and understand clients’ needs. Since they interact directly with clients, they can also recommend products or services.

Administrative Assistant

It is the job of an administrative assistant to manage and distribute information amongst fellow employees. They also answer the phone and assist in other administrative work such as handling queries upon the requests of senior managers, planning meetings, and taking down detailed minutes of everything discussed during the meeting. Sometimes, it is they who are saddled with the responsibility of organizing and scheduling appointments and making travel arrangements. An administrative assistant is involved in all administrative and clerical work that goes on in a company. However, they have the leisure of not necessarily being physically present whilst doing their job.

Call Center Representative

A call center representative liaisons between a company and its current and potential clients. They manage large amounts of inbound and outbound calls promptly. It is they who handle the questions and concerns that customers have about the products and services their company offers. And in the event a customer has a need, they must research the issue and profer solutions.

Patient Access Specialist

A patient access Specialist is like the receptionist of a medical facility. Since they are often the first face you see when you enter a hospital, clinic, or any other medical facility, that makes it a front-line registration position. There are different titles for this position. Sometimes they are called financial counselors, insurance verifiers, registration technicians, access representatives, pre-registration specialists, amongst others. Since most patients now prefer to book their appointments online as against going to the medical facility just to book an appointment, this job has become one that can be done from anywhere other than the office.


Since company managers and management in general already have a lot on their table, the job of identifying and attracting high-caliber candidates to meet companies’ needs has been delegated to recruiters. Thus, they have become the link between candidates and their next job. As part of the Human Resources (HR) field of a company, it is they who advertise job vacancies, screen and review the resumes sent in by applicants and schedule interviews. They work in collaboration with hiring managers to interview and hire team members.

Leasing Agent

Leasing agents are responsible for renting out houses and properties. To do this, they present properties and provided amenities in a positive light to prospective tenants. It is the duty of leasing agents to advertise available properties through a variety of media and promoting materials and to also act as landlords on behalf of property owners whilst helping them navigate the property market.

Health Communication Coordinator/Specialist

Health communication specialists are part of the vast health field. It is these specialists who spread information to the public that can have an overall impact on the health and wellness of the population. This information includes medical treatment, healthy lifestyle choices, disease prevention, and lots more. They also analyze public health risks and concerns and determine areas to be improved upon. They design, print, and distribute materials that educate on health issues and when necessary, organize campaigns. Since the world has gone digital, they can do their jobs effectively through ad campaigns, the internet, and other forms of social media.

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