Nursing Schools In Canada – Top 5

Nursing Schools In Canada – Top 5

The number of people applying to nursing schools in Canada is increasing. According to a Conference Board of Canada assessment, the number of nurses required in Canada will more than double over the next ten years, from 64,000 to 142,000, as the Canadian population ages.

Why are we so interested in discussing some of the best nursing schools in Canada? For a start, the profession is associated with handsome wages, robust benefits, and job security. According to federal employment bank statistics, registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses make between $24.04 and $86.69 per hour in Canada.

Why Should You Study Nursing in Canada?

Canada is a place of many options, with so much to learn and achieve, and there are several reasons to study in the country’s nursing school. Nursing is a wonderful career that needs extensive study, and Canada is one of the countries that offer the greatest. Some of the reasons why you should study nursing in Canada are listed below:

1. High-Quality Education and Training

With a large number of authorized courses, Canada delivers high-quality education for its students, and studying nursing in the nation is a significant accomplishment. There is also on-the-job training offered for nursing students to acquire a feel for what to expect in the actual world.

2. Job Opportunities

Upon graduation, nurses in Canada can find work as practical nurses, registered nurses, or nurse practitioners. The wage range also varies according to the sort of nursing job you choose. Above all, nurses in Canada are well compensated, so you can be confident that you will be compensated well for your education and time commitment.

3. Job Security

In Canada, the nursing profession is protected by unions and numerous organizations that help you with many aspects of your work, such as housing, pensions, and other employment safeguards.

4. A Pleasant Atmosphere

Canada is a very friendly environment, and its residents are very accommodating, which makes studying in the nation enjoyable. Equal rights are granted to both citizens and foreigners, which has tremendously affected why many people flock to the nation for education and employment.

5. Diverse Culture

Canada accepts a large number of immigrants each year, so it is no surprise that you may encounter a diverse culture and lifestyle. There is no right or wrong way to conduct things in Canada, and individuals are encouraged to express their culture while living there.

Top 5 Nursing Schools In Canada

Universities in Canada provide some of the greatest nursing degree programs in the world, with their graduates in high demand globally. Below are some of the top nursing schools in Canada.

1. University of Toronto Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

The University of Toronto Bloomberg offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, numerous Master’s degrees, a Ph.D., and a Doctorate in Nursing, all taught in the English Language.

This university is known for its research reputation and is naturally ranked as having one of the nursing programs in the country.

University of Toronto Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing is named after Lawrence S. Bloomberg, a visionary donor who made a visionary donation to the school in 2007, making it Canada’s first-named faculty of nursing.

The BSc in Nursing is a two-year curriculum designed to prepare nurses to work safely, competently, and ethically. Students conduct an 11-week continuous integrated clinical practicum at the conclusion of their second year, which helps them prepare for the challenges of real-life health care contexts.

2. University of Alberta Faculty of Nursing

The University of Alberta offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Master’s, and a Ph.D. being taught in English and French.

The Faculty of Nursing was established in 1923 and was the first in Western Canada to offer a Master of Nursing degree in 1975, as well as the first fully-funded Nursing Ph.D. program in Canada in 1991.

This is one of Canada’s major nursing schools, having a variety of degrees to suit students from diverse backgrounds and with varying interests. The institution features an indigenous nursing project that involves students and professors in community service. It also provides a fast-track study option for individuals who want to finish quickly, as well as several options to participate in paid internships while studying.

3. Université de Montréal

This is another prestigious Canadian university that provides excellent nursing degrees. This university’s nursing faculty ranks 51-100 in the world’s QS World Universities ranking for Nursing Schools. The language might be a concern for overseas students who want to study nursing at the University of Montreal because the programs are taught in French, and you must be fluent in the language before you can begin your studies. International Students may expect to spend between $1,195 to $8,186 in tuition every session.

4, University of Calgary

This is another prominent institution in our list of top nursing schools in Canada. UCalgary boasts 14 faculties and over 85 research institutes and centers. This public institution was established in 1944 as a branch of the University of Alberta in Calgary before becoming an independent university in 1966. Nonetheless, the University of Calgary has over 25,000 students enrolled in a wide range of recognized programs across a number of departments and colleges.

Meanwhile, UCalgary’s nursing school is regarded as one of the best in Canada. According to the QS World University Ranking, it is placed 51-100 in the world for nursing schools. This nursing school in Calgary, Canada, offers a bachelor’s degree in nursing as well as various graduate degree programs. The Bachelor of Nursing program at Medicine Hat College is UCalgary’s undergraduate nursing degree.

Tuition at Université Laval: $8,852.28 (Domestic Students), $20,370.78 (International Students) (International Students)

5, Université Laval

Université Laval is one of Canada’s oldest institutions. It was founded in 1663 as a public university in Quebec, Canada, and now boasts approximately 43,000 students. The institution is ranked among the top 10 in Canada in terms of research funding, and it is the first North American university to offer higher education in French.

The Université Laval Faculty of Nursing is one of these faculties, and it has been providing outstanding nursing education to both local and foreign students for the past 50 years. The university provides some of the best nursing programs in the country, thanks to its practical training and sophisticated facilities.


One of the finest decisions you will ever make is to enroll in a nursing program in Canada. In addition to the high level of education, you will get, you will have the chance to assist people in remaining healthy by working in the clinics of the Canadian nursing school.

We hope this post on some of the finest nursing schools in Canada gave you a clue as to what to expect if you enroll in any of these institutions.

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