MBA Internships, Jobs and Employment Opportunities

MBA Internships, Jobs and Employment Opportunities

MBA Internships, Jobs and Employment Opportunities

MBA Internships Near Me-Since the inception of the Master of Business Administration(MBA) which was first introduced by Harvard University Graduate School of Administration ( now Harvard Business School) in 1908, the MBA has become the original graduate degree offered by business schools all over the world. Employers favor applicants who have an “MBA” on their resume and for this reason in addition to the fact that it boosts career and salary prospects, thousands of professionals apply to different kinds of MBA programs each year.

As an MBA holder, you have leverage over other professionals in your field. An MBA improves your professional skills, expands your professional network, gives you greater job security, opens new career paths and job positions to you, as well as increases your potential earnings as earlier stated.

The importance of MBA internships cannot be overemphasized as they present you the opportunity to work for top firms, and gain experience whilst putting the learning and skills you have acquired from your MBA into practice. The advantage of interning while studying is that it boosts your profile and career prospects after graduation as well as allows you to garner on-the-job experience, and also test your newly acquired competence.

For this reason, this article aims to enlighten you about some MBA internships you can take up.

Business Development and Strategy MBA Intern

This internship program avails you the opportunity to work on strategic projects as a member of a team consisting of either other interns, professionals, or both. You will participate in educational sessions to develop skills, join in on networking opportunities to connect with other professionals, gain exposure to different aspects of the business of the firm you’re interning for, and also carry out strategic projects which may include assessing your firm’s portfolio and the competitive landscape of the market and to find workable ways to expand the products and services offered to consumers. In addition to your degree, you’d be needing strong multi-tasking skills, excellent communication skills, the ability to work in a fast-paced environment, proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel, and other relevant skills to effectively discharge your duties.

Strategy and Portfolio MBA Intern

This internship avails you of the unique opportunity to work on long-term strategic projects in the company of other like-minded interns and professionals. You’re allowed to brainstorm and evaluate opportunities across the industry the firm you’re interning for is into, and perform a broad range of qualitative and quantitative analyses. You also get the opportunity to perform research aimed at identifying new business opportunities as well as the expansion of the firm. Most firms allow interns to develop their ideas. A strategy and portfolio intern must possess excellent PowerPoint presentation skills, the ability to manage multiple projects, attention to detail, top-notch organizational skills, strong work ethic, ability to handle confidentiality, and outstanding verbal and written communication skills amongst others.

Finance MBA Intern

As a finance MBA intern, you get to work with the finance department of the firm you’re interning for to develop and implement policies and practices about financial management, payroll, budget control, accounting, and lots more. You will provide general accounting support, provide support for the annual budgeting process, assist with statistical analysis and other special projects, assist with financial modeling, and present data-driven recommendations to the finance team. To be able to discharge the aforementioned duties effectively, you’d need to possess excellent accounting skills, business intelligence, cash-flow management,  Mathematics, financial reporting, and financial modeling skills amongst others.

Strategic Partnerships and Operations MBA Intern

This internship program avails you the opportunity to assist and sometimes spearhead the coordination of meetings with stakeholders to drive partnership discussions and potential growth opportunities for the firm. You also work in partnership with sales and product leadership to arrive at workable ways of driving the business forward. As a team member, you’d be required to identify key opportunities for business improvement through analytics, quantitative insight, and good business sense. In addition to a degree and an ongoing MBA program, some firms may require pre-MBA experience.

Global Sourcing MBA Intern

As a global sourcing intern, you will develop comprehensive procurement strategies and programs that improve quality, productivity, sustainability, and innovation. This internship presents you an opportunity to develop expertise in procurement fundamentals and categories and to develop functional knowledge in Cost Management, Responsible and Ethical Sourcing, and so on. Some firms require an intern to have prior experience in Strategic Sourcing, prior work or internship experience in Procurement, Supply Chain, Financial and/or Statistical Analysis, and certifications in Supply Chain.

Business Development MBA Intern

As a business developer intern, you will work in collaboration with other team members to increase your firm’s sales. You’d also work towards securing contracts with existing clients, convincing new clients, and when necessary, do both. Apart from prospecting clients, you also get to sell products or services to them, manage clients’ portfolios, manage the sales processes, promote your firm and its product and services, and identify new development channels among others. This job requires excellent time management skills, the ability to prioritize and multi-task, the ability to work under shifting deadlines, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Add excellent communication skills, and proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel and you’re more than good to go.

Climate Strategy and Operation MBA Intern

In this internship program, you will spend a better part of your time supporting your firm’s climatic portfolio. You will assist to build programs that communicate the firm’s climate impact internally and externally. To fit into this job, you need to possess structured thinking and problem-solving skills as well as excellent analytical skills, resourcefulness and drive, the ability to communicate especially complex issues and an ability to influence others, ability to function effectively in a group as a team member, an internal motivation to work hard, a consistent track record of excellence, and experience in project and product management to mention only a few.

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Now that you know a couple of available MBA internships, put your resume in order and send it out to as many firms as you can. Asides from whatever the requirements are, keep in mind that with an ability to learn fast on the job, you will excel.

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