Jobs That Pay 60000 A Year

Jobs That Pay 60000 A Year

Even if you do not have a post-secondary degree, various potentially high-paying professional possibilities are available to you. These positions are offered in a variety of sectors, some of which need specific training. We have a list of jobs that pay 60000 a year without a degree in this piece.

Jobs That Pay 60000 A Year

1. Electrical foreman

An electrical foreman is in charge of project planning and supervision. They usually have prior experience as electricians, which involves a high school education or equivalent, specialized training or apprenticeship programs, and certification. Their tasks include discussing customers’ electrical needs and cost estimates, employing and training people, coordinating project staff, ensuring safety compliance, and inspecting and performing quality assurance on work.

2. Yoga teacher

This is also on our list of jobs that pay 60000 a year. A yoga instructor is in charge of teaching yoga to pupils in order to develop their flexibility and strength. Although there are no degree requirements for this career, teachers must finish a specific training or certification program in order to practice. Yoga instructors can work for themselves or for fitness facilities and studios. Their duties include class preparation, presenting yoga postures and methods, customizing instructions to different student levels, and teaching breathing exercises.

3. Makeup artist

A makeup artist is in charge of applying cosmetics to customers for both personal and professional reasons. Clients often focus on the degree of expertise of the makeup artists. Hence there are no educational prerequisites for this profession. Makeup artists can work in a variety of situations, including film and television production, department store beauty counters, and freelancing. Their duties include consulting with customers on desired cosmetic looks, determining what would look best on clients, and offering makeup application assistance.

4. Elevator Installers and Repairers

Elevator installing is also on our list of jobs that pay 60000 a year. According to the BLS, demand for elevator installers and repairers is predicted to expand at a pace of 12 percent over the next seven years, which is substantially faster than the average rate for most jobs in the United States. Elevators, escalators, moving walkways, chairlifts, and other lifts are installed, repaired, and maintained by these professionals.

A four-year apprenticeship program offered by a union, industry group, or individual contractor is the first step in becoming an elevator installer or repairer. A high school diploma is required to enroll in such a program. Even after completing the program, ongoing training is essential, and 35 states presently require a license for an installer or repairer.

5. Air traffic controllers

Coordinating the safe movement of airplanes pays well, but it also demands extensive training. Air traffic controllers are in charge of guiding aircraft on the ground and in the air, as well as monitoring all ground traffic on runways and taxiways and instructing pilots on landing and takeoff procedures. They must be trained and certified since their work affects the safety of hundreds of passengers every trip and generally necessitates fast decision-making for several planes.

Many people become air traffic controllers after earning at least an associate’s degree through an FAA-approved Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) program. All air traffic controllers must also possess an Air Traffic Control Tower Operator Certificate or be otherwise certified. Controllers are then assessed throughout their careers, with a physical exam required each year and a work performance assessment required twice a year.

6. Funeral Service Managers

Overseeing the operations of a funeral home may appear to be a grim profession, yet it is extremely fulfilling. These managers must be capable of not only handling routine business tasks such as staffing, marketing, and revenue maintenance, but also of providing counsel and support to grieving families, arranging for the removal of the deceased’s body, preparing the deceased for the funeral, and filing death certificates and other legal documents with appropriate authorities.

Typically, an associate’s degree in funeral service or mortuary science is all that is required to work in the funeral industry. On-the-job training is also essential since people aspiring to be funeral directors and morticians must complete one to three-year internships and pass a state and/or national board test.

7. Massage Therapist

A massage therapist is in charge of massaging customers for relaxation, pain treatment, or rehabilitation. There are no educational prerequisites for this career. However, persons must receive a massage therapy license. Massage therapists might work in offices, injury treatment centers, or from the comfort of their customers’ homes. Maintaining therapy records, screening clients to detect sore or tight areas, and offering instruction on procedures aimed at improving posture, relaxation, strength, or stretching are all responsibilities.

8. Freelance Photographer

A freelance photographer is a self-employed professional who shoots photos for customers. Clients often employ photographers based on expertise level and past work. Therefore there are no educational prerequisites for this career. Freelance photographers must possess camera equipment and, depending on state regulations, may need to get a business permit. Their tasks include working with customers to create the photographs they want, negotiating contracts or payments, selecting photography sites, editing images, and delivering them to clients.

9. MRI Technician/Technologist

An MRI technician, also known as an MRI technologist, is in charge of operating the machinery that generates 3D images of a patient’s organs and tissues. Individuals interested in this vocation must first get an associate degree, certificate, or MRI technology diploma from a community college or trade school. Their duties include injecting dye into patients for imaging purposes, placing patients for scans, reviewing medical histories, resolving concerns, and guaranteeing imaging equipment upkeep. To view and analyze photos, they frequently collaborate with doctors and radiologists.

10. Asset Protection Expert

An asset protection expert is in charge of preventing theft or fraud in retail stores. There are no school prerequisites for this trade, and employees frequently obtain on-the-job training. Their duties include writing case reports, enhancing shop security, teaching personnel on loss prevention, and completing inventory checks. They may also be in charge of ensuring that the shop is safe for employees and guests, as well as reporting dangers to supervisors.

Conclusion On Jobs That Pay 60000 A Year

In this post, we looked at some jobs that pay 60000 a year. While most of these jobs do not necessarily require a traditional degree, some sort of training is usually needed. Note that some of these jobs can be borne out of passion. For instance, if you love playing around with makeup, then you should consider being a makeup artist.

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