Indiana Bible College Popular Majors and Tuition

Indiana Bible College Popular Majors and Tuition

Are you looking for a Bible College that will help grow your spiritual life, teach you all you need to know about ministry whilst giving you an exceptional education? Then this article is just right for you. In this article, we will be giving you vital information about Indiana Bible College. We’d discuss the institution’s admission policies, tuition, acceptance rate, popular programs, accreditation, scholarship, ranking, and many more.

Indiana Bible College is an endorsed Christian institution that subscribes to, believes, practices, and teaches the Doctrine of the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI).  Located in the city of Indianapolis, the Bible College was established in 1981 by Rev.Dennis Croucher of Seymour, Indiana. The institution was relocated to Indianapolis in 1988. Since its relocation, the Bible College has been under the direction and sponsorship of Rev. Paul D. Mooney and Calvary Tabernacle of Indianapolis, Indiana. Over the years, the Bible College has raised hundreds of preachers, missionaries, youth workers, and music ministers.

Indiana Bible College Admission Policies, Requirements, and Acceptance Rate

Like other institutions, the IBC’s Admissions office takes several critical elements into cognizance before admitting a student. In addition to ACT or SAT scores which are part of the basic requirements and GPA which are nonapplicable, applicants or intending students are accessed based on their extracurricular activities, hobbies, work experience, recommendations, and volunteer work. All these play vital roles when the decision of whether an applicant will be taken is being made. The average SAT score intending students are required to have is an average of 1619 or an average ACT score of 22. Being a non-competitive college, IBC has an acceptance rate of 100%.

Indiana Bible College Popular Majors

IBC’s major aim is to train tomorrow’s apostolic leaders today. The institution is committed to preparing its students for careers in professional ministry. To achieve this, the institution offers a variety of programs to suit the spiritual and academic needs of its students. The institution offers Associate Arts and Bachelor of Arts programs in Biblical Studies. Some of the programs the college offers are: Theology, Communications and Media, Youth Ministries, Urban Ministries, Worship Studies, and Missiology with academic minors in Religious Education, Missiology, and Social Science to mention a few.

The popular majors at the college are Theology, Divinity, and Bible and Religious Studies.

Indiana Bible College Tuition and Fees

If you’re considering studying at IBC, it’s only natural for you to want to know the finances involved in actualizing your goal.

Tuition at IBC can be paid either per semester or per credit. Full-time tuition for 12-19 credits is $1,850 per semester while part-time tuition for 11 or fewer credits is $150 per credit hour. Tuition for above 19 credits is $70 per credit hour. In addition to tuition, students are required to pay an Audit fee of $50 per credit hour. Room and board cost $1,950 per semester.

IBC’s miscellaneous fee includes an Application fee of $40, an Activity fee of $175 per semester, an Official Transcript fee of $5, a Graduation fee of $100 to be paid semester of graduation, a Late Registration fee of $30, Returned Check Fee of $39 per check, Proficiency Exam fee of $25 per exam, Room Deposit of $150, Vehicle Registration fee of $25 per semester, Music Lessons fee of $195 per semester, Textbook Estimated $250 per semester, and General Off-Campus student fee of $250.

Going by the above statistics, students will pay an annual amount of $3,700, $350, and $3,900 for tuition, activity fee, and room and board respectively bringing the total amount to $7,950.

Indiana Bible College Scholarships, and Grants

IBC awards various scholarships and grants to its students. The general requirement for being awarded a scholarship is that such a student must possess a minimum 3.0 GPA and must be enrolled on a full-time basis. Students on disciplinary probation cannot apply for scholarships and grants. And if such a student happens to already be receiving any form of financial aid from the college, such a student may have to forfeit it.

The scholarships and grants available at IBC include:

Children of Alumni Grant: this grant is awarded to children of IBC Alumni. Having one or both parents who are Alumni qualifies you.

Sibling Grant: this grant is awarded to families who have two or more children running full-time programs at the college concurrently.

Spousal Grant: to qualify for this, your spouse must be enrolled at the college as a full-time student.

Alumni Scholarship: to qualify for this grant, you must have a recommendation letter from an IBC Alumni. In addition to that, you’re required to submit 1,000 essays about yourself and your future goals. Students with higher academic achievement stand better chances. If you’re considering skipping this one because of the requirements,  know that it’s worth $1,000. That’s $1 for every word in the essay. A good incentive.

Worship Studies Scholarship: this scholarship is funded by the IBC Worship Studies Department. It is awarded to incoming freshmen every year and is renewable every semester until graduation. To retain the scholarship, recipients must maintain a 3.0 GPA and spend a minimum of three hours every week working in the IBC Music Office. Applicants must attach a 1,000-word essay describing themselves and their future goals to their scholarship application.

The scholarships Mentioned above are just one-quarter of the scholarships and grants IBC offers its students. There are gender-based grants like the Lena May Mooney Harden Memorial Scholarship that’s reserved strictly for female students, and some program-specific grants like the Albert Skaggs scholarships for Leadership, Music, and Theology students specifically. Proceed to start your scholarship application process only when you’ve certified that you meet the requirements for the particular scholarship or grant you intend to apply for.

For more information on scholarships, grants, and online applications, visit the college’s official website

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