Highest Paying Welding Jobs 2022

Highest Paying Welding Jobs 2022

Interested in learning about some of the highest paying welding jobs? Then this post is just for you! But before we get started, what is welding? Welding is a process of fabrication that happens by fusing two or more materials using heat, pressure, or even both to form a joint as the parts cool. Although welding can be used on woods, metals and thermoplastics are the most common welded materials.

Welding is an essential component of industries that are essential to us. Therefore, welding is essential to us. Industries such as the aviation industry, the automotive industry,  the construction industry, and many more thrive majorly on welding. Without welding, so many things like buildings, gates, fences, small kitchen appliances, vehicles, and even space travel would not exist.

It is pretty much obvious that welding is an essential part of our everyday lives. For that reason, it is a thriving industry. There are over twenty types of welding. While some are considered basic welding, others are advanced welding.

In this article, we will be talking about the highest paying welding jobs. Let’s get right into it.

Highest Paying Welding Jobs 2022

1. Rig Welders

If you know a little bit about welding, then I’m certain that you are not surprised that rig welding made it to our list of Highest Paying Welding Jobs in 2022. Rig welders are also known as oil rig welders. This is because their job is to operate, maintain, and repair all types of equipment used in the process of drilling crude oil, gas, and coal. An oil rig welder specializes in high-pressure and high-temperature welding. This welding requires extensive training and possession of the right skills to master.

Because rig welders work long and difficult hours and because of their skills, advanced education, and qualifications, they are among the highest-paid welders in the world. A rig welder earns a median salary of $50,330 per annum. However, things can get juicier and better for them in areas where there is a high concentration of oil drilling jobs. In areas like this, they can earn as much as a six-figure salary. That sounds like a lot of money, but they earn their keep.

2. Underwater Welders

The next on our list of Highest Paying Welding Jobs is underwater welders. With the great difficulties and risks underwater welders face, it is only fair that they are compensated properly. Underwater welders are the reason why offshore structures like oil drilling rigs and pipelines, ships, dams, submarines, locks, sub-sea habitats, nuclear power reactors and facilities, and many other types of equipment stay functional as it is their job to repair and maintain them.

Underwater welders earn an average salary of $53,990 annually and an hourly wage of $25.96. However, most income fall in the range of $25,000—$80,000. Some underwater welders earn more than others. Some of the highest-paid underwater welders are Marine Pipefitters, Nuclear Plant Maintenance specialists, Quality Assurance Inspector (Ship Vessel Repair), Salvage Diver, and Dredge operators, to mention but a few. These welders, who are considered the top 10% of underwater welders, make $83,730, while others may earn $30,700.

3. Nuclear Welders

Yes! Nuclear welding also made it to our list of Highest Paying Welding Jobs. Nuclear welders are responsible for welding pipes and equipment in place with nuclear components. In addition to this, they perform maintenance on nuclear equipment, use the necessary tools to test connections throughout a plant or facility, and help repair damaged components. To help them do their jobs effectively, nuclear welders often have access to diagrams and other information that explains the layout of nuclear components. Because these jobs require a high level of secrecy, nuclear welders may work under supervision. This job sometimes requires the welders to work underwater, in power plants, or in shipyards.

Based on the salary they earn, nuclear welders are classified into top earners, 75th percentile,  average earners, and 25th percentile. Top earners earn a monthly salary of $10,166 and an annual salary of $122,000. 75th percentile earns an annual $87,500 and a monthly $7,291. Average earners earn $5,581 monthly and $66,978 annually, while the 25th percentile earns an annual $35,500 and a monthly $2,958.

4. Industrial Pipeline Welders

Also known as Pipeliners, Pipeline welders join and repair tubular products and metallic pipe components as part of the construction of buildings, vessels, structures, and stand-alone pipelines that carry a range of substances ranging from water to chemicals and gases. Because pipeline welding involves using different welding methods and hence different materials, a pipeline welder needs to be able to decide what materials to be used and have them transported to the worksite.

A pipeline welder earns an average of $28.50 per hour and $44,722 annually. Newbie pipeline welders earn around $34,000 annually, whilst their more experienced counterparts earn around $57,000 and sometimes more.

5. Military Support Welders

Military support welders get their name from working for and with the military as welders. Although they may build equipment, their primary duty is to maintain and, when necessary, repair military equipment. These military equipment include tanks, trucks, missiles, and submarines, to mention only a few. Although most commonly known as Military support welders, they are sometimes referred to as Special Armor Support Welders or Military Armor Support Welders.

Military support welders earn an average of $23 per hour. Because each welding job in the military is different, welders who work on a tank can make $18 per hour, while those who work on an aircraft carrier make $25 per hour. Top military support welders earn an annual salary of $70,000, while others earn less than that.

6. Welding Engineers

Welding engineers, or welder engineers as they are referred to, sometimes work in industries like aerospace, construction, and civil engineering. They design, maintain, and develop a wide range of welding systems in these industries. A good welding engineer possesses extensive knowledge of physics, engineering, metallurgy, materials, welding, and standards which they deploy in the process of carrying out their job.

Welding engineers earn an average salary of $77,510. The top 10 percent of welding engineers earn about $112,000 per year, while the lowest 10 percent take home an annual income of $59,000.

7. Certified Welding Inspectors

Welding Inspectors are welders who are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that welding works have quality and strength. To this effect, they examine the bonds and connections between metals. To carry out their job effectively, they rely on some electrical instruments and visual tools to ensure that welding jobs have been done correctly and safely. Part of their job is to ensure that welders adhere to company and state safety regulations.

The salary of a welding inspector ranges from $13,086 to $345,315. The median salary of a welding inspector is $63,170. Top 86% of certified welding inspectors earn $345,315 while the middle 57% earn between $63,173 and $156,725.

We do hope this article on Highest Paying Welding Jobs came in handy.

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