Film Schools In Los Angeles – 6 Most Affordable!

Film Schools In Los Angeles – 6 Most Affordable!

This post contains some of the best Film Schools In Los Angeles! If you are looking to pursue a career in Hollywood, then Los Angeles is the place for you. L.A. as it is called for short has been the hub of the American entertainment industry since 1912.  Consequently, over the years it has grown to become the second-largest city in the United States, and also the home to the rich and famous. We are talking about the crème de la crème of American society especially those in the entertainment industry. While half of the city’s population are there to experience the glitz and glam of the “City of Angels,” as it is called sometimes, a good number of its population are people who wish to be part of the film industry.

While there may be other film schools in other parts of the United States, film schools in L.A. are rated very highly and this positively affects how their graduates are treated in the ever-changing and competitive industry. Film schools in L.A. have over the years mastered their niche.

Whilst deciding on the best Film Schools In Los Angeles to attend, keep in mind the career choices that will be available to you upon graduation depending on the program you choose to enroll in. Therefore, before you enroll for a course, evaluate if you aspire to be in front of the camera or behind it.

In this article, we will be helping you to make the very important decision of which film school to attend by enlightening you about the top-tier film schools in L.A. Irrespective of what your dreams, aspirations, and career prospects are, these schools have you fully covered. So, let’s get right into it.

1. California State University Northridge: Tuition:$7,017

Ain’t no better way to begin this list of the Best Film Schools In Los Angeles other than, to begin with, CSUN as it is called for short. The programs at CSUN are ranked highly by prominent and leading magazines like Variety Magazine and Hollywood Reporter where it ranks among the top 30 film programs globally and top 25 American film schools respectively.

The film school is recognized internationally and reputed for producing talented professionals. The institution’s alumni consist of Hollywood big shots like Paul Hunter, Darren Grant, and Dale Launer. Being a graduate of CSUN alone puts you a couple of steps ahead of your counterparts. Programs offered by the institution include:

  • Film Production
  • Entertainment Media Management
  • Television Production—Documentary
  • Media Theory and Criticism
  • Emerging Media Production
  • Television Production—Narrative
  • Screenwriting

2. Chapman University: Tuition: $57,214

The second on our list of best Film Schools In Los Angeles is Chapman University. Chapman ranks as #6 on The Top 25 American Film schools, #2 on 10 Best Film Schools in Los Angeles, #7 on The Best 15 Film Schools in California, and #4 on Top 50 Film Schools of 2020. The second most popular major at the institution is Cinematography and film/video production with 160 graduates. Students who enroll at the university can choose to pursue either a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

As a way of diversifying its student body, the institution is admitting students from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Also, the school is looking to provide up to 10 full scholarships for its applicants and students especially those from the local community.

Amongst the film school’s alumni are big names like Matt and Ross Duffer, and Carlos Lopez Estrada. The programs offered at the university are:

  • Screen acting
  • Film Production
  • Creative Producing
  • Broadcast Journalism and Documentary
  • Screenwriting
  • Film Studies
  • Television Writing and Production

3. New York Film Academy: Tuition:$33,834

Although the film academy was initially based in New York City, it does have a strong presence in Los Angeles where it has a campus. The academy is strategically located in that it is located in North Hollywood, which is a walking distance of the famous Universal Studios. The teaching method at the academy is hands-on. It is believed that the academy is in a rivalry with the American Film Institute which it happens to have a lot in common with. Popular alumni of the academy include Naya Rivera, Issa Rae, Paul Dano, and Damon Wayans.

The programs offered at the academy include:

  • Photography School
  • Cinematography School
  • Documentary School
  • Acting School
  • 3D Animation and Visual Effects School
  • Digital Editing School
  • Film School
  • Producing School
  • Screenwriting School

4. University Of California Los Angeles: Tuition:$13,249

UCLA’s School of Theater has produced the film industry’s most significant contributions. Worthy of mention is Francis Ford Coppola, who shot into the limelight after he recreated Mario Puzo’s #1 Bestseller “The Godfather” into a film trilogy. Because the school is more concerned about quality other than quantity, only 12.4% of applicants are accepted. This low acceptance rate ensures that only the best candidates based on the school’s requirements are admitted.

The school offers various programs at all levels including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees through its Film, Television, and Digital Media Department. Notable alumni are Jack Black, Francis Ford Coppola, Rob Reiner, and Tim Robbins. UCLA offers the following programs:

  • Producing
  • Animation
  • Cinematography
  • Cinema and Media Studies
  • Documentary
  • Directing
  • Screenwriting

5. California Institute of the Arts: Tuition:$53,466

Although it offers other art-related programs, the most popular majors at Cal Arts as it called for short are cinematography and video production, studio arts, and acting.

One unique quality of Cal Arts is that its students are not just considered a number. As a demonstration of its commitment to ensuring that students’ academic needs are adequately catered to, the Institute assigns each student a faculty member that doubles as both an academic advisor and a mentor.

The school is recognized globally as one of the schools that offers its student’s diverse opportunities in the film-making industry. Popular alumni are Tim Burton, John Lasseter, and James Mangold. The programs the Institute offers are:

  • Experimental Animation
  • Film Directing
  • Character Animation
  • Film and Video

6. American Film Institute: Tuition:$59,951

This is the last institution on our list of Film Schools In Los Angeles. In contrast to other schools that offer bachelor’s degree and thus, attracts young students, the AFI is reputed for attracting older professionals and students. The programs offered at AFI are at the master’s level. That notwithstanding, students without a bachelor’s degree can still apply. Students in this category will however receive a Certificate of Completion upon graduation as against a master’s degree.

Since its inception in 1969, the school’s alumni have won 34 Best Oscar nominations. In addition, its alumni have been nominated for an Academy Award every year for the past decade. Some alumni include Darren Aronofsky, Edward Zwick, David Lynch, and Terrence Malic. The school has six disciplines and they are:

  • Editing
  • Screenwriting
  • Cinematography
  • Production Design
  • Directing
  • Producing

We do hope this article on Film Schools In Los Angeles came in handy and that you are better equipped to make the crucial decision of which school to attend.

Best Regards!

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