Concordia University Of Edmonton

Concordia University Of Edmonton

Concordia University Of Edmonton: Are you an aspiring undergraduate or postgraduate student who is having a hard time deciding on which institution to apply to? Or are you an aspiring student who has chosen the Concordia University of Edmonton and is looking to gather as much information as possible about the institution of higher learning?

Whichever of the aforementioned categories you fall under, this article is just what you need. For our readers in the first category, this article will give you vital information about one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions in Canada. And for readers in the second category, this article will equip you with information that will make your application process as stress-free as possible.

Brief History of Concordia University of Edmonton

At its inception in 1921, Concordia University was known as Concordia College. The institution was established solely to prepare people ( young men especially) for the preaching of the gospel. In 1939, a co-education that enabled the institution to offer general study courses was introduced.  Following its affiliation with the University of Alberta in 1967, the institution received sufficient ability to begin offering first-year university courses. In 1988, the University graduated its first cohort of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees and thus, began gradual expansion to other disciplines. The affiliation with the University of Alberta ended in 1991 and in 1995, the institution ceased bearing Concordia College and became Concordia UniversityCollege of Alberta.

In 2014, the Alberta government granted the institution the right to operate as a university and to change its name. Consequently, on May 1, 2015,  Concordia University College of Alberta has renamed the Concordia University of Edmonton. Although continuing to maintain its relationship with the Lutheran organization and alumni, the institution removed references to Christianity from its mission statement in November 2015 and thus,  fully self-identified as a secular institution. The securitization of the institution was formally announced in April of 2016.

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Concordia University is a globally recognized private university located within the busy urban city of Edmonton, Alberta’s capital in Canada.

The institution is ranked as the 77th best university in Canada and occupies the 5090 positions on the world ranking.

Why Should You Study At Concordia University?

As an intending student, it is pertinent that your choice of institution is influenced by laudable incentives.

Below are a few reasons why you should apply to Concordia University:

Paid work experience: over the years, the institution of higher learning has garnered a reputation for instilling good work ethics into its student. As a result of that reputation, graduates of the institution are highly sorted after in the labor market within and outside Canada.
To work with a specific professor: in the course of your program at the institution, you can request to be assigned a professor of your choosing. Most times, the professors become mentors to the student, and this further betters their already good relationship.
For the research opportunities: studying at Concordia University avails you the opportunity to carry out various research that boosts your resume and enriches your learning experience.
Faculties and Acceptance Rate
With a 1:14 faculty to students ratio, students are assured of receiving a personalized learning experience.
The University has five faculties and two schools which are:
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Graduate Studies
Faculty of Management
School of Physical Education and Wellness
School of Music
With a 50-60% acceptance rate, the institution is an averagely selective University.
Admission Requirements
Like other universities, the requirements intending students are expected to meet varies considerably depending on if such applicant:
Attended High School in Alberta
Attended High School in other Canadian Provinces
The particular province where such applicant attended High School
Attended High School outside Canada
The specific requirements notwithstanding, all applicants are expected to meet the following criteria:
Submission of official transcripts of all secondary and post-secondary studies
Submission of original documents
Submission of English proficiency Test Result
Payment of application fee
Requirements For International students
Notwithstanding that most of its students are from local Alberta and other neighboring Canadian provinces, Concordia University of Edmonton has international students from over thirty-five countries of the world.
Its five faculties and two schools offer over forty-five majors and minors to both domestic and international students.
International students coming directly to the institution from high school with little or no full-time college experience are required to have a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a scale of 4.0.
International students who are looking to pursue postgraduate programs in the institution are required to have a minimum 3.0 admission grade point average (AGPA) on the institution’s 4.0 scale. In addition to the aforementioned, an intending postgraduate International applicant is required to tender a baccalaureate degree and meet other requirements.
Fees and Financial Aid
All applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application of 50.00 Canadian Dollars for Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents and 100.00 Canadian Dollars for international students. Every other fee expected of students varies depending on the program of study if such student is a local or domestic student, if such student is enrolling in the summer or winter session, and if a student wishes to pay per credit unit or semester. It is pertinent to note that while some fees are optional, others are mandatory.
The institution offers several scholarships, bursaries, and various types of awards that all applicants both domestic and international are eligible to apply for. The scholarships do not come at no cost as you are required to meet some requirements which chief among them is possessing the required GPA.
The Concordia Presidential Scholarship stands out as the scholarship program that supports deserving international students each year.
As an international student, you may qualify for international fee exemptions that allow you to pay the same fees as domestic students.
It is totally at the discretion of students to choose to reside either on-campus or off-campus.
For students who choose to reside on-campus, they can choose from the shared room or private room which comes at different prices. In addition to that, they are required to pay a laundry fee and purchase a meal plan.
If this article has influenced your choice of institution, we are rooting for you.
Best regards!

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