Brown University, Admissions and Tuition 2022

Brown University, Admissions and Tuition 2022

Brown University, Admissions and Tuition 2022

Whilst making the important decision of choosing a school, there are a lot of things you should take into consideration. Asides from tuition and fees, acceptance rate, admission requirements, average freshman retention rate, and the likes, there’s a need to know the historical antecedents of whichever institution you decide to make your alma mater. Institutions that have a long history of academic excellence are certainly more prestigious than other schools that are just starting. For this reason, we will be enlightening you about one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions in the United States.

Brown University is a private Ivy League research institution in Providence, Rhode Island. Upon inception in 1764, it was known as the College in the English Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Brown is reputed as the seventh-oldest institution of higher education in the United States. Also, Brown was the first college in North America to accept students irrespective of their religious affiliation. The institution also goes down in history as home to the oldest applied mathematics programs in the United States, the oldest engineering program in the Ivy League, and the third-oldest program in New England. The institution’s main campus is located in the College Hill neighborhood of Providence, Rhode Island. The institution comprises the College, the Graduate School, Alpert Medical School, the School of Engineering, the School of Public Health, and the School of Professional Studies. Brown is academically affiliated with Marine Biological Laboratory and the Rhode Island School of Design. The institution has an average freshman retention rate of 97%. This figure is an obvious indicator of student satisfaction.

Brown University Rankings

With all that has been said about the school so far, its obvious it will most certainly rank highly among other schools. Some of the rankings of the institution include:

  • #1 on The 8 Ivy League Schools
  • #8 on Best Colleges in America
  • #6 on 50 Best Colleges on the East Coast
  • #19 on The Top 100 Universities in the U.S.A
  • #8 on Best Colleges for Pre Med

Brown University’s Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements

When a school in addition to being Ivy League has the kind of academic record Brown does, it’s a no-brainer that to get admitted, you will need to bring your A-game and a little something extra.

With an acceptance rate of approximately 8% (7.7% precisely), Brown University’s selectivity status is highly “selective.” Applicants who eventually get admitted are usually students who are above average academically.

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With no intention to dissuade you, if your GPA and either SAT or ACT score are hovering on average or outright low, you might want to pass up this one. This is because to stand a chance of getting admitted (read that again, slowly this time around) you should aim to be in the 75th percentile, that’s an “A.” You will be requiring a minimum ACT score of 35 or an SAT score of 1550. In addition to that, your GPA must be a minimum of 4.08. If it so happens that your GPA is not up to the required grade point, then endeavor to make up for that with either your SAT or ACT score. While having the exact required scores is good, getting higher is better because the higher your scores, the higher your chances of being among the “chosen few.”

Brown University’s Popular Majors

Brown University offers its students a wide range of programs including majors and minors to choose from. However, the most popular majors at the institution are:

  • Computer Science
  • Econometrics and Quantitative Economics
  • Biology/Biological Sciences
  • General History
  • Applied Mathematics
  • International Relations and Affairs
  • Political Science and Government
  • English Language and Literature
  • Engineering
  • Neuroscience

Brown University’s Tuition and Fees

With a tuition fee that is over $20,000 more than the national average cost of tuition, Brown is certainly an expensive school. And just Incase the thought of paying an extra $20,000 doesn’t seem a bright idea to you, think about the clout and prestige that comes with being an Ivy Leaguer.

The tuition at Brown is $60,994. In addition to that, students pay other fees that include: $1,460 for fees, $10,054 for the room, $6,292 for the board, $1,652 for books, and $2,268 for personal needs. That brings tuition and fees to a total of $82, 670.

Brown University’s Financial Aid

While affording to pay for tuition and fees at Brown may be a walk in the park for some students, it may be the reason some students may be forced to give up their life dream of studying their choice course at their chosen university.

The management at Brown is not oblivious to the fact that some of their best students may never make it to their doorsteps and it will be for just one reason: inability to pay tuition and fees. For this reason, the school has tons of financial aid packages to help cushion the effect of the expensive fees on its students.

As a way of achieving its goal of affordability, Brown has through its “The Brown Promise,” and other initiatives helped out numerous students with non-refundable financial aid in form of scholarships and grants. This is because Brown doesn’t want its students piling up debts long before they even earn their first paycheck.

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Unlike other schools, Brown doesn’t offer aids on grounds of exceptional academic or extracurricular activities performance. All aids are strictly need-based, that is, it is designed only for students who have proven their inability to pay their tuition. However, other well-meaning individuals and organizations(outside sources) that support the institution’s scholarship scheme may base their eligibility on various criteria that can either be merit-based or need-based.

To qualify for the school’s aid, you will have to fill out The Free Application for Federal Student Aid because it is the duty of the FAFSA as it is called for short to determine if you qualify for aid and they do that mostly through the information you provide them.

If you happen to be a recipient of an outside award, you are required to inform the University through writing.

Brown University International Students

The fact that Brown University was accepting students irrespective of their religious affiliation when other schools were still being orthodox is a clear indicator that the institution thrives on diversity. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that about 15% of its students come from around the world. So, it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you believe in, Brown is home for all.

With a student-faculty ratio of 6:1 and about 69.8% of classes with less than 20 students, studying at Brown University translates into studying in an intimate learning environment that facilitates better learning.

We believe you have all it takes to be an Ivy Leaguer and for that, we are rooting for you if you choose to apply.

Best of Luck!

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