Boise State University Admissions and Tuition 2022

Boise State University Admissions and Tuition 2022

Boise State University Admissions and Tuition 2022

Boise State University-Asides from being known for its potatoes, rugged landscape, and gems, the state of Idaho is home to many prestigious institutions of higher learning. One of such institutions is the Boise State University, Idaho which is ranked as one of the top universities in Idaho and the United States generally.

BSU as it is called for short is named after and located in the capital and most populous city of the United States state of Idaho. The institution was founded in 1932 by the Episcopal Church, a member church of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

BSU is a public research space-grant university. As a space-grant university, it is a member of a network of fifty-two consortia formed for outer space-related research. BSU is the largest university in Idaho with close to 20,000 undergraduate students. The campus with a size of 285 acres is situated in a city setting. The institution utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. The student-faculty ratio at BSU is 18:1 with 43.9% of the institution’s classes with less than twenty students.

BSU is ranked #299-#391 in National Universities, #46 in Most Innovative Schools, and #249 in Top Performers on Social Mobility.

Popular Majors At BSU

BSU has seven academic colleges in addition to the Honors College and the Graduate College. BSU offers about 112 undergraduate degrees and over 200 programs which are concentrated into 64 majors within 23 broad fields of study including 14 doctoral programs. The popular majors at BSU include:

  • Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences
  • Business/Commerce
  • Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Psychology
  • Respiratory Care Therapy/Therapist
  • Biology/Biological Sciences
  • Accounting

BSU Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements

BSU has an acceptance rate of 77% and that puts its selectivity status on “selective.” The high acceptance rate notwithstanding, the admission requirements and the process in its entirety is stiff and competitive.

Half the applicants who make it to be admitted into BSU have an SAT score of between 1,030 and 1,210 or an ACT score of between 21 and 26. The required average GPA is 2.60.

To boost your chances of getting admitted, you will have to exceed BSU’s requirements. If you find that you are lagging on the requirements, don’t get discouraged. Although just a fraction, some students get admitted into BSU without meeting the basic admission requirements. So, yeah, you just might get lucky. But then, you will never know unless you try, so, just do it.

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Asides from the general admission requirements stated above, applicants are expected to meet certain specific requirements. Specific requirements vary considerably depending on whether you as an applicant attended a regionally accredited high school or an unaccredited high school, if you are a fresh high school graduate or if you have been out of school for some time if you are a resident or non-resident student, and whether you are applying to a semester that commences in spring, winter, or falls. For more details on general and specific admission requirements, visit the school’s official website at

BSU Tuition and Fees

BSU has a discriminatory tuition and fees pricing. Thus, local students enjoy more fees waiver than their domestic counterparts. If you happen to be a citizen or resident of Idaho then you are a local student and in that regard, your tuition and fees will come at a cheaper rate. If you are a United States citizen from or resident in another state other than Idaho, then you are a domestic student and will pay higher than local students. Also, the tuition and fees for resident and non-resident students vary considerably the same way full-time graduates or undergraduates do not pay the same fees as their counterparts who are running part-time programs.

Local students who attend BSU on a full-time basis and are residents pay annual tuition and fees of $25,530 which comprises $5,532 for tuition, $12,327 for room and board, $1,240 for books, and supplies, and $2,536 for other fees.

Domestic students who are both full-time and resident students pay $42,450 annually. The fee which is 66.3% higher than that of local students comprises $22,452 for tuition, $12,327 for room and board, $1,240 for books and supplies, and $2,536 for other fees. The net price after grants and scholarships is considered to vary as it is determined by family income and financial need.

BSU Financial Aid

BSU awards financial aid in form of grants, scholarships, and fellowships to 82% of its full-time undergraduate students. These aids are funded by either the institution or by federal, state, or local government agencies.

Students who are lucky to be awarded grants and scholarships do not have to pay that back. While need-based aids may come without stringent conditions as they are awarded to students who need aids irrespective of their academic performance. Non-need-based aids however come with conditions. They are awarded mostly to students on grounds of academic performance or extracurricular activities. In some cases, a reduction in a student’s performance may lead to him/her losing the aid.

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Because not all students will be awarded grants and scholarships, or because some students may need more than grants and scholarships offer them, BSU also has a student loan plan. This plan allows students to spread the loan and pay it for as long as ten years.

The moment you kickstart your admission process, be on the lookout for grants and scholarships. Make sure to apply for aids that you meet and exceed the requirements so as not to waste your time on an unprofitable venture.

If you have to take out loans to fund your education, then do so with utmost discipline to avoid getting caught up in a loan web.

BSU and International Students

As a world-class institution, BSU is home to students from all over the world. The number of international students at the institution is an estimated 433.

It follows naturally that international students will pay more for tuition and fees than their local and domestic counterparts.

To cushion the effect on students who may not be financially buoyant enough, BSU has tons of for its international students.

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